Our Services

Carry Out Hydro Geological Survey With Registered Geologist.

Prepare The Hydro Geological Report

Getting Drilling Permit from Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA)

Get The Approval / License From NEMA And Make Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Get No Objection Letter From The Relevant Water Company Or County As Required

Drilling The Borehole As Per Hydro Geological Report

Installation Of Casing & Gravel Pack.

24 Hour Test Pump

Prepare A Completion And Test Pump Report

Installation Of Pump As Per Test Pump Report

Water Well Services

Our Equipment Is Of A Very High Standard And It Is Well-Maintained To A Strict Service Schedule. Our Rotary Drilling Rigs Combined With Ingersoll Rand Compressors Of 1200 cfm Are Designed To Prevent Sticking. We Can Drill To A Depth Of 400 Meters Plus, With well Diameters From 150mm to 600mm.

Borehole Experts Drilling Ltd Uses Only Thick-Wall Steel Which Doesn't Duckle, So Your Well Stays Straighter, Giving You A Better Quality, Long-Life Well.

Water Well Drilling


Site Investigations



Pump Testing and Development

Water is a sought-after commodity. Demand for well maintenance and old well redevelopment is increasing as regulatory costs increase to control demand. Borehole Experts Drilling ltd find ways to help our clients bring old wells back into useful production again.

Well Monitoring And Flow Testing Equipment.(ECAN Standard And Above)

Well Redevelopment

Water Testing

Generator Hire

Riser & Pump Extraction And Servicing

Advice And Problem Solving